Q: Do your tours run in the rain?
A: Yes, we absolutely do tours in the rain. We have leg covers and umbrellas in both boats to keep you dry on your tour, although we do still recommend bringing a coat if the weather forecast is looking on the damper side.
We won’t cancel a tour just due to rain, however, as an outdoor activity we do have to make the decision to cancel tours sometimes from a safety perspective. We will cancel in the event of lightning, and follow the 30/30 rule; if there is lightning and thunder within 30s of each other, our tours will be suspended until 30 minutes after we last hear thunder. In dangerously high winds we may also cancel, however this has not happened yet. In the event that we cancel our end, any voucher used for the booking will not be marked as used and we will strive to give you as much warning as possible.

Q: How do we find you?
A: We are in the Garden of the Rose and Crown Hotel in Harnham; to find us, simply make your way to the hotel and walk through reception, to the garden and towards the river, we’ll be in or around the shed on the right hand side as you walk past the conservatory.

Q: What happens if I need to cancel?
A: In the event that you need to cancel, please either call or email us, this allows us to offer the slot to walk-up customers. We don’t take deposits for anything other than events so you won’t be charged for cancelling, even if you can’t give us much notice.

Q: Do you allow dogs?
A: Yes! We allow all well behaved owners with their dogs, but we do ask that any dog is kept under control and in the boat at all times.

Q: How safe are the punts?
A: Our punts are very safe, they are flat bottomed so offer much more stability than keeled boats. We have not yet had someone go in the water from a tour, but do carry life jackets should they be wanted. Guests on our tours must remain seated when the tour is being run, including children.
When getting in and out of the punt we also have our punters available to help guests in and out, so we are more than happy to help guests with limited mobility enjoy our tours, if you’re worried, please email or call us and we will ensure any concerns about boarding or disembarking our punts.